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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of William Atkinson of Maryland

To the Right Honble and Honorable The Lords
Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury--

The memorial of Lieut. William ATKINSON of His Majesty's late Regiment of Queens Rangers

Humbly Sheweth

That your memorialisit A native of Maryland was one of the first, who with his Father, Took up arms, on the side of Government, in that Province; and joined the Earl of Dunmore, in Virginia, with Seventy men. That, having come to the Northward, with His Lordship, in 1776, your Memorialist was appointed to an Ensigncy of that Corps-- in which he served to the reduction of the same.

That your Memorialist does not hesitate to aver that no one family, did or could manifest a warmer, or, a more Active Zeal for the King's Service, than he did-- or, according to their circumstances, can have suffered more by such attachment.

The father and a Brother of your Memorialist having been slain the Actual Service of Loyalty-- and your Memorialist having himself suffered the loss of all his Properties by Confiscation-- and having brought on him, in immediate concequence of his joining the British Standard, a sentence of outlawery-- Authentic Documents of which, as well as of the Actual sales of his properties, your Memorialist is in possession of-- Copies of which are, hereunto, Annexed--

That from the Exertions, and fatigues of your Memorialist, during the war, it was his misfortune to fall into such a state of bad Helth, as to render him totally incapable of attending to his affairs, from the Conclusion of the war to a few months past-- by which he has been prevented from Stating his Claims sooner--

That your Memorialist was obliged to leave the rigorous Climate of Nova Scotia, whither he had gone with his Corps after the war-- and go to Barmudas-- on his return from whence, the Vessel, he was embarked in, Sprang a leak, and was forced to bear away for the Chesepeak-- where, geting ashore, with difficulty, his disorders returned, and he was obliged by it to remain therre, untill the month of August last, totally incapabile of doing any thing for himself-- and without a friend to assist him, in forwarding any Claim or memorial to this Country-- unhappily for him, the time had Elapsed for receiving Claims at the office of the Commissioner of American Claims-- before, indeed, he was in a Condition to leave America.

That your memorialist is, still, in bad helth; and is without a means, on Earth, of Supporting himself, Except his half Pay, as a Lieutenant of Foot-- a support, but Ill suited to the real needs, and Exigencies of his unfortunate Condition--

Your Memorialist therefore prays that, in consideration of his Loyalty, services and Concequent losses, and Family Misfortunes-- and that the cause of the lateness of his present application was unavoidable misfortunes, or rather the Act of Providence-- your Lordship will be pleased to order his Claims to be received at the office of American Claims-- and that the Commissioners of the same may be directed Such temporary support for your Memorialist, as they, in their wisdom, shall think proper--

Firmly relying on the justice & humanity of your Lordships, your memorialist shall Ever Pray--

Lieut. late Qs. Rangers

Decr, 8th 1786
Crown Court, Crown Street No. 8

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 39, folios 25-26.

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