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Claims & Memorials
Petition of Joshua Upham of Massachusetts

To the right honourable the Lords of the Treasury

The Petition of Joshua UPHAM late of the Province of Massachusetts Bay

humbly sheweth

That from motives of Loyalty he took a decided part in the late American Troubles in favor of his Majesty's Government & in consequence thereof was compel'd to quit his native Province, abandon his property, give up the profits of a lucrative profession & seek protection within the British Lines & Garrison.

Thus circumstanced & finding much difficulty in procuring a bare subsistence for himself & Family the latter then consisting of a Wife since deceased & five Children, your Petitioner was called upon in June 1781 to take the command of a Corps of Associated Loyalists & also of the Post of Lloyds Neck on Long Island as will appear by the inclosed papers No. 1 & 2.

Your Petitioner continued one Year in that Service & was honoured with the approbation & thanks of the then Commander in Chief & other General Officers commanding the District including the above Post as will also appear by the inclosed papers No. 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Notwithstanding which & the pressing necessities of your Petitioner he never received the smallest reward or compensation for the above arduous & expensive Service, during which he unavoidably incur'd heavy debts which he now is and unless assisted by Government must forever remain utterly unable to pay.

On the Subject of the particular Service above stated your Petitioner begs leave to refer your Lordships to the report of the Commissioners of American Claims and most earnestly to request an adequate allowance for the same.


Province of New Brunswick
   March 6th 1787.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class 1, Volume 651, folios 146-147.

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