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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Nathan Phillips of Massachusetts

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of
Parliament for enquiring into the Losses
And Services of the American Loyalists

The Memorial of John CALEF late of Penobscot Esquire for and on behalf of Nathan PHILLIPS of Penobscot Gentleman


That the said Nathan PHILLIPS took part on the side of Government against the Americans at the beginning of the Contest between Great Britain and the American Colonies and did every thing in his power to support the Kings Authority in America during the late War.

That he performed several Voyages in the Sloop Beaver, himself Master; from Boston to Penobscot, and back to Boston, in carrying Lumber, Pickets, Roots and provisions to the Army under General GAGE, then Shut up in Boston.

That while he was on this business a Colonel Cargill and a Company of armed men, Seized said Sloop and carried her to Pownalborough where She was Condemned by a Maritime Court for being employed in his Majesty’s Service, as Pr. A Copy of her Condemnation herewith exhibited appears.

That when his Majesty’s Forces took post at Penobscot General MacLEAN appointed him a Captain over the Inhabitants, in which Post he continued during the Operations of his Majesty’s Forces at that place and at all times behaved himself as a Faithful Subject to the Crown of Great Britain, for which he hath been ill treated in his Person, and lost a large property which appears by the Schedule annexed.

Your Memorialist therefore prays that his Case may be taken into your Consideration in order that the said Nathan PHILIPS may be enabled under your Report to receive such Aid, as his Losses and Services may be found to desire.

And your Memorialist as in duty bound will Pray.

John CALEF   Attorney to
Captain Nathan PHILIPS

London March 20th 1784

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 51, folio 313.

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