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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Matthew Hutchins of Massachusetts

To The Right Honourable Lord George GERMAIN, His
Majesty's principal Secretary of State for the
American Department &c &c &c

The Humble Memorial of Matthew HUTCHINS, late Inhabitant of the Town of Boston, in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay

Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist is a Native of London, was educated at Christs Hospital, served his Apprenticeship with George ERVING Esqr. now one of His Majesty's Council for said Province, and afterwards lived almost Eight years, with him in capacity of Clerk, but he being now out of Business your Memorialist is totally destitute of employ.

That your Memorialist is one of the Unfortunate Persons who was obliged to quit the Town of Boston, with the Army under General HOWE, in the Month of March 1776, Leaving all this little Substance behind him.

That your Memorialist in the Month of November 1775 was one of the Subscribers to an Association Agreement that was entered into by some of the Inhabitants of the said Town at the recommendation of the General for assisting in the Defence of the Town, in case of Invasion, and for watching and Patroling the Streets, to relieve the Soldiers from the hard Duty they were under, and to prevent any internal commotions or disords.

That your Memorialist was appointed to Mr. James ANDERSON's Company, and at his own cost procured a compleat uniform.

That during the Fall & Winter your Memorialist did duty in Patroling the Streets to the great Prejudice of his health as may be Testified by many now in London, who were on the spot.

That your Memorialist has a Wife & Four Children in America who are not permitted to enjoy the small Substance he left there, but are detained in the country against there inclination and all in a distressed and suffering condition.

That your Memorialist since he has been in this Country has been endeavouring to get into employ, but without Success, partly owing as he supposes, to have a Family in America and the probability of his returning to it as soon as the times will permit, by which he is drove to great distress for a Subsistence, having now no Money or Credit.

That your Memorialist is one of Twenty Nine, who Subscribed a Memorial to the Lords of His Majesty's Treasury; many or most of whom have had sums of Money granted to them, and was much surprized to find on enquiry of the First Clerk of the Treasury, that tho' his name was on the List, no sum had been affixed to it, there having been no body to speak in his behalf.

That your Memorialist for a Proof of his loyalty to his King and Attachment to Government, and also for his actual Services begs leave to refer your Lordship to Mr. ERVING or to any Gentlemen from Boston to whom he was known.

Wherefore your Memorialist humbly begs your Lordship that you will Order a sum of Money to be paid to him for his present support, and such further sums for his maintanance untill he may be enabled to return to America, as your Lordship may think meet. And your Memorialist as in Duty bound shall ever Pray--


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 96, folios 580-581 .

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