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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Jane (Widow of Alexander) Constable of Massachusetts

To the Commissioners appointed by an Act of Parliament
for enquiring into the Losses & Services of the American

The memorial of Jane CONSTABLE Widow of the late Captain Alexander CONSTABLE of the Second Battalion of General Delancys Brigade


That your Memorialist's Husband carried on the business of a Distiller in Boston till the troubles began.

That after the troubles broke out in America your Memorialists Husband stood forth in favor of Great Britain he assisted Col. GOREHAM in raising the Royal Fencibles, Served as a Volunteer and was very Active in raising that Regiment and before it was compleated he received a Lieutenants commission from General GAGE.

Your Memorialists late Husband was in the Engagement at Bunker Hill and after that Battle, in consequence of some Disappointment in Promotion soon after returned to Great Britain; where he was introduced by Col. DALRYMPLE to Lord George GERMAIN, then Secretary of State for the American Department and received Letters of Recommendation from his Lordship to General HOWE on his return to America where your Memorialist accompanied him as a Volunteer with Genl. LESLY in the Jerseys where he was wounded, and in Consequence of his behaviour was promoted to a Captaincy in General Delancys second Brigade [sic - Battalion].

Your Memorialists Husband being ordered from New York to Georgia your Memorialist accompanied him and on their Passage their Ship having lost their Convoy your Memorialist & her Husband were unfortunately taken Prisoners and carried to Charles Town where Captain CONSTABLE was retained Prisoner & your Memorialist with two Centinals over Her.

That Capt. CONSTABLE remained a prisoner in Charles Town for 18 Months loaded with forty pounds weight of Iron and was allowed only the Common Allowance His Releasement was by the Kings Troops taking Charlestown which was in May 1780.

That Captain CONSTABLEs Zeal for his Majesty's Service endeared him to the Loyal Inhabitants of Charlestown as appears in a Special Manner ffrom [sic] a Memorial presented by them to Col. BALFOUR offering to raise a Regiment of 500 Men, to be Commanded by Capt. CONSTABLE your Memorialist's Husband, a Copy of that Memorial and likewise the Charles Town Gazette with many other Certificates of Captain CONSTABLE Sufferings, are hereunto annexed.

That through the Cruel Treatment Captain CONSTABLE received during his long Imprisonment occasioned distempers of which he died in five months after his Release.

To add to your Memorialists Misfortunes the Ship Mary & Charlotte Captain CUMMINS in which your Memorialist took her passage home foundered and all her property lost amounting to above 400 Sterling but by the humanity of Captain GARDINER of the Hyder Man of War, coming up as the Ship was ready to sink saved the Life of your Memorialist, and the rest of the Passingers and Crew.

That upon your Memorialists arrival in London she applied to Lord George GERMAIN the Secretary of State for the American department praying that she might be allowed some Recompence for the loss of her property-- Lord George received your Memorialist with the greatest ease and Cordiality and promised your Memorialist every thing in his power.

That Lord George had your Memorialist's papers with his Recommendation, lodged in the Treasury before he resigned and your Memorialist was at a Great Expence paying a person for attending the Treasury in consequence of such Recommendation but all to no purpose.

Your Memorialist therefore prays that her Case may be taken into your Consideration in order that your Memorialist may be enabled under your Report to receive such Aid or relief as her Losses and Services may be found to deserve.


No. 2 Inn Temple Lane
[Received 15 March 1784]

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 73, folios 380-381.

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