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Claims and Memorials
Decision on the Claim of Prince William of Georgia

WILLIAM, Prince  —  a Black  —  Georgia

1st Septr. 1783

He says he was free born but he was cheated out of his freedom & sold to an American in Georgia,

he was serving this Man when the British Troops came to Georgia his Master ordered him to fight against the English, but he deserted & came to the British Troops.

He admits by this Circumstance he gained his Liberty & is in a better situation than he would have been if the War had not happen’d he says however that he had some property & mentions two Horses & two Cows & some Pigs,

He served 6 Years in the 60th Regimt. under General PREVOST.

There is no Certificate to his Memorial but at the bottom of it, it appears to be Signed by Thomas BERWICK & Andrew WEER, who were his Neighbours in America & are now in England.

No further Certificates necessary to such a Case a Certificate is since sent signed by Jno. WILLIAMS, and Thomas WATKINS, saying he lost all his property of a House, Furniture, Live or Dead Stock by taking up Arms in behalf of [unfinished]

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Entd.  —  Decision

This Man by his own Admission has been a great gainer by the troubles in America for being in a situation in which he could loose nothing he has gained everything, for he has gained his Liberty & he comes in our Opinion with a very bad grace to plead Sufferings in order to make his Case a little better

he afterwards sent in a Certificate to prove that he had property but it comes from a very Suspicious Quarter to which we can pay no Credit & therefore we reject it totally & think it by no means a Case for the bounty of Government.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 12, Volume 99, folios 353-354.

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