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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of James Ingram of Georgia

To Lieutenant General William FAUCITT and Major
General William ROY or whom it may concern

The Memorial of James INGRAM formerly a Captain of the Augusta Volunteers raised in Georgia

Humbly Sheweth

That you[r] Memorialist during the late war in America Raised, by permission of Governor WRIGHT, His Majesty's Council, and Brigadier General CLARK, a Troop of Horse Consisting of One Captain, One Lieutenant, one Comet, One Comisary, One Quarter Master, Three Sergeants, Three Corporals, and Thirty Six Rank and file which said Troop your Memorialist Mounted, Cloathed and Accoutered at his own expence which Cost him a large Sum of Money.

That the said Troop did Constant duty with His Majestys Provincial Dragoons from the time of raising them to the time of their being discharged which was in July 1782 as P. Governor WRIGHTs & other Certificates hereunto annexed will more fully appear.

Your Memorialist after raising the said Troop received constant pay and Rations and did the same duty as the Provincial Dragoons. Your Memorialist always considered himself on the same Establishment with the Governors Two Troops of Horse Commanded by Captain William JOHNSTON and Captain LYHTLESTON both of whom have received their half pay.

That your Memorialist was Commissioned by the same Authority and did the same duty as they did only with this addition in his favor that he found his Troop with Horses and Compleat Uniform at his Own expence.

That in consequence of the above Commission and every exertion used by Your Memorialist to Subdue the Rebels it made him so obnoxious to them that they confiscated his Estate, reduced him from Affluence to poverty and distress. His Wife and three small Children were drove from the fertile Vales of America where they had an independent Estate the reward of many Years Industry to the barren and burning rocks of the Bahamas without the least compensation from Government.

The reason of this late Application has been owing to papers supposed to have been necessary, being lost in Mr. William MOSS's Ship from East Florida bound to Liverpool in the year 1784.

Your Memorialist therefore humbly prays you will take his case into consideration in order that under your Report he may receive his half Pay & Arrears or a Military Pension.

And as in duty bound will ever Pray &ca &ca


Nassau New Providence
  7th June 1787

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class 1, Volume 650, folio 158.

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