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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Joshua Hill of Delaware

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament
for enquiring into the Losses and Services of the
American Loyalists

The Memorial of Joshua HILL

Respectfully Sheweth

That your Memorialist at the Commencement of the late Rebellion in America was a Member of the lawfull Assembly of the Delaware Counties and held a Commission as a Magistrate for the County of Sussex.

That totally disapproving of the Conduct of the Seditious Committee formed in the County of his residence and in strict Compliance with his duty as a loyal Subject he took an active part in opposition to their treasonable Measures, both in the assembly, as a Magistrate and among the people with whom he had an influence.

That by this Conduct he soon became an Object of the violence of the rebel Committee; who sent a sejeant and two of their militia to arrest your Memorialist. That dreading their resentment he stood upon his defence and resolved not to be taken by their lawless Officers, although they were all armed with loaded muskets and your Memorialist was destitute of Arms.

Impressed with this resolution he siezed on the musket of one of the Officers who had laid it out of his hand, and killed one and by a dangerous Wound disabled another. The third attempted to escape, but your Memorialist knowing that his Escape would endanger the future safety of your Memorialist took up the musket of one of the other Officers and killed the person attempting to escape.

Thus freed from his Arrest he was obliged to take refuge in an uninhabited Ceadar Swamp, where he continued during the Space of two months destitute of all sustenance and exposed to the greatest hardships except those Comforts which were da[il]y supplied by the loyal Inhabitants of his Naighbourhood. That at length a British Man of War coming in to the Delaware he found Means by the Assistance of his loyal friends to make his Escape and was carried into New York.

That soon after his Escape the person of your Memorialist was attainted and all his Estate both real and personal confiscated and Seized on for the use of the rebell State. Your Memorialist therefore prays that his Case may be taken into your Consideration in order that he may be enabled, under your report to receive such aid and relief as his Losses and services may be found to deserve.

Joshua HILL
his Attorney

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 96, folio 485.

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