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Claims and Memorials
Attestation by Thadeus Betts

A True Copy of Record, Attested by Thadeus Betts, Justice of the Peace of Norwalk in Connecticut, May 13th 1778--

This day was brought before me by a warrant, Joel STONE, of Woodbury in the County of Litchfield, on complaint of one of the Constables of Norwalk, in the County of Fairfield, informing me that sometime, on or about the 19th of January 1777, the said Joel STONE joined the British Army at open war with the United States of America, and aided and assisted as a recruiting Officer, in carrying into execution the present Ministerial Measures Contrary to one Certain Statute Law of this State--Intitled an Act for the punishment of High Treason--

and in answer to the above Complaint he Confessed the whole without reserve, and declared his resolution to act the same part again as soon as he could be at liberty. He demanded to be considered in the Character of a British Officer and Gentleman--in that view endeavoured to avail himself of the priviledge of being liberated on on [sic] his parole--he was asked whether he had a Commission in the British Army, he replyed he had not, but had the promise of one to join the British Army, or Inlist others in their Service as Captn.

By the above Act, for breaking of which he was Indicted, but by perpetuating that very crime he Claimed the privilidge for a Briton, and an Exemption from the penalty of that Act. After considering his plea, I judged him worthy of a Tryal, and as such Criminals are not admitted to Bail, I committed him to the Goal at Fairfield, ‘till he shall be delivered by due Course of Law.

Thadeus Betts Justice of Peace

N.B. The original of this is with the
Commissioners for American Claims,
Attested by Thads. Betts’s own hand.
Also the original Certificates of which
the following are Copies--

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class I, Volume 634, folio I94.

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