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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Joel Stone of Connecticut

To the Right Honorable Lord SIDNEY, one of His
Majestyís Principal Secretaries of State &c &c &c

The Memorial of Joel STONE, late of the Colony of Connecticut in America

Most Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist zealously espoused the Royal Cause at the Commencement of the Rebellion in America, and soon after entered as a Volunteer in a Provincial Corps, when his spirited Conduct obtained him a Warrant to enlist a Company, which in Consequence of his well known influence he would have soon effected had he not been unfortunately made a Prisoner, while he was on the recruiting Service at an advanced Post, after having embodied a number of Men; and carried to Fairfield in Connecticut, where he continued to suffer every Rigor that Rebel Malice could suggest, in close Confinement for a Considerable time, which entirely prevented him from raising his Company.

That your Memorialist at length effected his Escape, and after encountering incredible hardships, arrived safe within the British Lines, which he found so Contracted since the commencement of his Captivity as to prevent the least prospect of success in Recruiting, but his zeal continuing in support of the Royal Cause, he consented to accept of the Command of a Company of Volunteers for the defence of the Royal lines in New York and itís vicinity, in which situation he distinguished himself not only in stimulating the Volunteers to take up Arms for the Protection of the City &c when the Army was callíd away to the relief of Lord CORNWALLIS, but by inducing Volunteers to go on that expedition, and continued his utmost exertions in support of the Royal Cause, until the end of the war, the unfortunate issue of which has deprived him of Property to the Amount of Fifteen Hundred Pounds Sterling, and reduced him to real want, with a wife and Children to support on Thirty Pounds Per Annum, granted to him by the Lords of the Treasury as an American Sufferer.

Your Memorialist therefore most Humbly prays, that your Lordship will grant him the Half Pay of a Captain, agreeable to his appointment, or such other Permanent Reward as you may think him entitled to.

And your Memorialist will pray &c


  20th Jany. 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class I, Volume 634, folio 193.

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