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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Joseph Hait of Connecticut

To the Honourable Thomas DUNDASS
and J. PEMBERTON Esqr. Appointed
Commissioners by a Late Act of Perliment
to Inquire into Losses of his Majestys
Subjects who have Suffered in their Rights
Properties and Professions During the Lat
unhappy Disturbence in North America

The Memorial of Joseph HAIT &c

Most Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist Late of Stanford in the county of Fairfield in the Colony of Connecticut – January 1st 1775 [sic–1776] was obliged to quit his Family and Efects and fly to the Asia then Lying at New York for protection from then Rebels where your Memoralist Remained seven weeks when by the Advice of His Excellencey General TRYON was by the Occation of so many being on board Desired to Return on shore and take care of himself till the British got Posession of New York

but before they got possession your memoralist got discovered and taken by a mob and Cruelly used and closly confined in Fairfield Goal upwards of thirteen months before your Memoralist could make his Escape within the british lines —

in August 1st 1778 your Memoralist was Commissioned by his Excellency General TRYON for carriing Dispatches and getting Inteligence and Other servises —

in January 1781 was taken and carried to Hartford Goal where he Remained six Months before an Exchange –

and the Post at Lloyds Neck your Memoralist commanded a company of Voluntiers under Coll. UPHAM & in October 1782 had a Lieutenants Commission from his Excelly. General CARLTON in the Armed Boatmen and in January 1782 was the third time taken and remained Prisoner four months

during the time of the war your Memoralist got wounded several times – has brought numbers of men into different Redgments for which your Memoralist never had a farthing for and at the end of the war was reliesed from confinment –

having a wife and six children your Honours will think that your Memoralist must be very Poor and in June 1783 your Memoralist with his family came to the Province of New Brunswick.

Do most Humbly beg that your Honours will pleas to Inquire into the Inclosd. Losses suffered by Your Honours Memoralist and grant such Relief as your Honours shall seem meet and your Honours Memoralist as in duty bound will Ever Pray Dated in the City of St. John in the province of new Brunswick the 25th of February 1786.

Joseph HAIT


        Majr. UPHAM
        Hannah SMITH
        Seth SEELY
        William FROST

An Account of losses sustained by the [Memorialist] in Consiquence of his Loyalty to his Majesty and Attachment to the British Goverment.

To 1 Hous and thirty one Acres of Land Lying in the
township of Stanford in the County of Fairfield and
Colony of Connecticut
£   410.   0.   0.
100 bushels of wheat in Staks        30.   0.   0.
50 Do Corn          6.   5.   0.
7 Acres of Oats and flax on the Ground        14.   0.   0.
14 Acres of wheat on the Ground        42.   0.   0.
5 Acres of rye on the Ground          7. 10.   0.
2 pair of Oxen        35.   0.   0.
2 Cows        12.   0.   0.
2 Year olds          4.   0.   0.
1 Hors        18.   0.   0.
19 Sheep          9. 10.   0.
3 hoggs          1.   5.   0.
Farming utentials          6.   0.   0.
£    596.   6.   0.

The Above list is made in New York Currency

Joseph HAIT

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 21, folios 200-201.

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