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Other Facts/Records
Tories in St. Andrews Parish, Georgia

Resolve of the St. Andrews Parochial Committee 10th Septr. 1776, a List of Torys

In Committee St. Andrew’s Parish the 10th September 1776

Whereas greater Sanity, & Indulgence hath been shewn to the people called Torys in this parish, than any other of their Stamp throughout the Province, from a natural reluctance of going to extremities with those we once called our Friends, Neighbours, & nearest connections, & a Desire that they might become sensible of their Error, & that such indulgence would induce them to join heartily in the cause of their Country.

But unfortunately we find them still to persist obstinately & Determinately in their opinions & by it’s continuance grows into an Inveterate hatred & malice against the cause of America, & all its abettors, which threatens our own safety especialy in this frontier & exposed parish, if those people are suffered any longer to go at large.

This is evident by their repeated Threats, their plans and attempts upon those of our fellow Citizens, who exerted themselves most, & have Distinguished themselves in their country’s Cause not only by the many artful insinuations, & schemes to bring them into Suspicion, but also against their Lives.

Add to this, the breach of Faith, parole of honour, & the most solemn Oaths of some of these people, their Non submission to our Laws, refusing our Currency for the common necessaries of Life, their position of general refusal to pay the fines laid on them by Congress, Rejoicing on every prospect of the success of our Enemies whether Civilised (if they may be so called) or Savages, and their gloomy sullen Silence & aspect when Disappointed, with many other parts of their conduct & behaviour to tedious & too Insidious to enumerate.

We are so far from Disapproving the forbearance of our predecessors in Committee, towards these men, as some of narrow, contracted, & Designing views have done, that we highly commend their Humanity & Moderation as well as their Fortitude, who being so few, stood forth, at the risque of their Lives, amidst such numbers of secret as well as open professed Enemies, untill they were found incorrigible.

We therefore having taken those reasons with many other agravating curcumstances into mature consideration, & with the Sincerest regard to that Freedom we contend for, which we would not wantonly & without the utmost necessity Deprive any one individual off.

Do now resolve that the following Persons, as Dangerous to the public safety, be immediately taken into custody, & if necessary the assistance of the Military requested, until they take the Test, or give satisfactory Security to the President & Council, that is to say

Robert BAILLIE Murdock McLEOD Alexr. McDONALD
Alexr. TODD Donald McKAY Robert GRANT
David ROSS Angus McKAY Roderick McINTOSH
William ROSS William CLARK William CANNON
William McDONALD Thomas YOUNG John McDONALD Mason
John McDONALD Junr. Archibd. McDONALD

                 By order of the Committee

Charles McDONALD Senr. [?]

                 St. Andrews Parish 10th September 1776


You are requested to give every asistance in your Power to any party of the Militia, in taking up the people called Torys, in this Parish, according to a Resolve of our Committee this Day

To any Military Officers                            }
Commanding in St. Andrews parish      }

Georgia Historical Society, L. McIntosh Papers, Collection No. 526, Item 11.

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