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Other Facts/Records
Tryon Proclamation



Whereas one of the Centries of the Camp was fired at last night this is to give notice that if any person resident on this Island shall be apprehended in firing upon any Post or Gentry of the King’s Troops he will be immediately hanged.

And if any scouting parties from the Enemy shall come over on either Long Island, Fishers Island, Shelter Island, Gardners Island, Plumb Island or Robins Island without having a Commission from the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army or Navy and shall be caught on any of the said Islands their Shores or harbours will be treated as Spies and all Enemies scouts less than six in number (or being more) not having a Commissioned Officer or non-commissioned Officer with them will be considered as Marauders and suffer accordingly.

And for the more effectually stopping the Enemys plundering in the County of Suffolk, I do offer a Reward to any Inhabitant of two Guineas for every Rebel he or they shall bring to the Camp or any Party of the Kings Troops and also three Guineas for every Whale-Boat without sails and five Guineas if with her sails and Oars on delivery of them to the Qr. Master General.

Given under my Hand
at Mattiluck this 12th Augt. 1778
and Govr. of the Province of N York

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 5, Volume 1108, folio 269.

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