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Other Facts/Records
Maxwell to Washington

Scotch Plains November 13th 1779


Your Excellency's favour of the 9th I received the 10th in the evening and have given the necessary orders about the provisions to my Brigade and the Light horse.

The State regiment and Militia, I suppose, you have given orders to, if you thought it necessary, as I have no right to consider them under mine.

The other part of your letter, I shall carefully observe, should the enemy make any approaches this way.

By every account I have from the Island, they are seemingly much afraid of us, by their posting troops lately at the extremities of it.

By several reports from New York, the enemy are preparing for a large embarkation, but no one pretends to say for what place, it is also said that the troops from Rhode Island have not landed yet.

I have defered writing to your Excellency these two days past, expecting something more certain.

As I confide very much in your prudence and Judgment I shall only give you these general directions- to attempt nothing which may have the appearance of rashness and to guard well against being drawn into an ambuscade or being intercepted by a sudden reenforcement from York Island.

There are three men in Morris Town jail, who are deserters from the Jersey Brigade and were taken on board the vessel, that was brought off from near Deckers-ferry. I should be glad you would direct what should be done with them.

I am, with the utmost respect
Your Excellency's most Obt. humble servant
Wm. Maxwell

His Excellency
     General Washington

     I have just now received the disagreable news of the repulse, our people met with at Georgia. I make no doubt, your Excellency has the particulars before now.
                                                          W M

Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 4, Reel 62, 21 October 1779 - 8 December 1779.

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