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Other Facts/Records
Brice to Winslow

(Copy, P the Hope)

Charlestown 24 Augt. 1781


From the nature of the service in this Country it has not been in my power to transmit Returns to your Office so regularly as I ought to have done.

Lord CORNWALLIS has been pleased to allow me an Assistant, which will enable me to perform this duty in future: He is just returned from Mustering the Troops in Georgia.

I have now sent Copies of the Muster Rolls, & the Strength and Distribution of all the Provincial forces in this Quarter to the 24 June (except the N York Voltrs., 3rd B. N. Jer. Voltrs. & So. Cara. Royalists, which have not been Mustered since April).

The British Legion met with very considerable loss on the 17 Jany., since which time they have not been Mustered, & are now in Virginia, so that they are not included.

I am ordered to proceed immediately to Wilmington where are the R. No. Cara. Regt., a new Corps called No. Car. Highld. Regt. & a new Troop recruiting; Returns of which I will send as soon as possible.

Every necessary of Life is so extremely dear that I find it impossible to live upon the Pay I have hitherto received, and obliges me to beg you will be pleased to make some Addition to it, Major PREVOST has Honored me with his leave to request that you will please to write him on this head, and Col. INNIS, I am sure, will do me the favor to promote it, as I have received only 5/ a day since Col. CAMPBELL left Georgia.

During my long sickness in Georgia Mr. Donald FRAZER did my business for above six months, As I cannot obtain any pay for him without your Order, I beg you will please grant him something for that service: He was very attentive to the business, and has suffered much by the Rebellion.

I have the honor to be

&c &c &c
Rigdon BRICE
D Mr Mr Prov. Forces

Edward WINSLOW Esqr.
     Mr. Mr. Genl.
          &c &c &c

University of New Brunswick, Edward Winslow Papers, Reel 152, 2-34.

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