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Other Facts/Records
Distribution of Troops

Distribution of the Troops in New Jersey Commanded by Major General GRANT

December 16, 1776.

Head Quarters Brunswick
42 Regiment, 2 Battns.            }
Hessian Granidiers, 1 Battn.     } Burlington
a Detachment of Jagers            }
Hessian Granidiers, 1 Battn. Communication from Burdington to Burlington
Hessian Granidiers, 2 Battns & Jagers Burdington
Rawls Brigade, 20 Dragoons with 50 Jagers Trentown
2 Battn. Light Infantry Maidenhead
2 Brigade & 3 Troops of the 16 Light Dragoons Prince Town
1 Battn. Light Infantry Kingston
4 Brigade, 3 Battns. Millstone River
Granidiers & Guards with 3 Troops Light Dragoons Brunswick
46 Regimt. Wood Bridge & Raway
1 Troop 17th Light Dragoons Spank Town
33 Regiment Amboy
Waldeckers & a Troop 17 Light Dragoons Elizabeth Town
2 Battns. 71 Regiment Newark
1 ditto Aquaquacenack
26 Regiment Hackinsack
7 Regiment New Bridge
57 Regiment Bergen
     a Detachment of 50 from 57 Regt. at Powleshook
1st Brigade of Brittish, 4 Battns.  }
Hessians, 3 Battns.                    } New York
2 Troops Dragoons                      }
6 Brigade Harlem & Communication
Knyphausens Brigade Hessians Fort Knyphausen, near Kings Bridge
Lieutenant Colonel Rogers Core of Rangers Yonkers

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21,687, folio 321.

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