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Other Facts/Records
King's Birthday Toasts, 1779

Yesterday being his MAJESTY’s BIRTH DAY, an elegant Entertainment was given by his Excellency General TRYON, at which were present the Governors of New-Jersey and North-Carolina, the Members of his Majesty’s Council for the Province of New York, the Judges and other Officers of Government.

The following Toasts were drank on the Occasion.

  1. The KING.
  2. The QUEEN and Royal Family.
  3. The LANDGRAVE of Hesse.
  4. The Foreign Powers in Amity with Great-Britain.
  5. The Army and Navy.
  6. The Commander in Chief and Success to his Majesty’s Arms.
  7. His Majesty’s Ministers.
  8. Governor Franklin, and a speedy Restoration of the Government of New-Jersey.
  9. Governor Martin, and a speedy Restoration of the Government of North-Carolina.
  10. Unanimity and Firmness to Great-Britain.
  11. The Navy and Army at St. Lucia.
  12. General Haldimand, and our Friends in Canada.
  13. General Knyphausen, and the Hessian Corps under his command.
  14. General Prescot, Garrison and our Friends at Rhode Island.
  15. General Prevost, and our Friends in Georgia.
  16. General Campbell, and our Friends in Florida.
  17. General M’Lean, the Garrison and our Friends at Halifax.
  18. The COMMANDANT of New-York.
  19. Mr. MATHEWS the MAYOR, and Loyal Citizens of New-York.
  20. The LOYALISTS on the Continent of America.
  21. Success to the Exertions of the Refugees.
  23. A speedy Suppression to Rebellion.
  24. A happy Restoration of Civil Government in his Majesty’s Colonies.
  25. A speedy arrival to Admiral Arbuthnot and the Fleet under his command.

The New-York Gazette, and the Weekly Mercury, June 7, 1779.

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