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General Court Martial of John Martin

[Extract from the General Court Martial of which Major John BREESE was president, held in New York City commencing 19 February 1781.]

The Court proceeded to the Trial of John MARTIN, Private Soldier in Captain Deimars Troop of Hussars, Charg'd with Desertion and enlisting afterwards with the Queen's Rangers.

1st Evidence     Captain Frederick DEIMAR being duly Sworn deposes, that the Prisoner was duly enlisted, and receiv'd Pay regularly, that he deserted from New Utrecht on Long Island some time in November last, that he the Deponent found him on York Island in January last and order'd him to be confin'd, that the Prisoner told him the Deponent, on being order'd to Confinement, that he was enlisted in the Queen's Rangers.

John PETERS Private Soldier in Captain Deimars Troop being duly Sworn as Interpreter, the Court proceeded to take the Evidence of Lewis PAPINAU, by Interpretation.

2d Evidence     Louis PAPINAU being duly Sworn, deposes, that he knows nothing farther of the Prisoner's desertion than that when the Prisoner went away, he told him he was going to a Surgeon-- that he the Deponent walk'd with him part of the Way, and afterwards return'd back to his Barracks.

3d Evidence     Serjeant William TULLY of the Queens Rangers being duly Sworn deposes, that he knows the Prisoner John MARTIN, that some time about Christmas the Prisoner was enlisted by him and duly attested-- and that he gave him three Guineas and a half in part of his Bounty, and that he the Deponent knows, He was afterwards taken up, and claim'd by Captain DEIMAR.

The Prisoner John MARTIN being call'd to and put on his Defence, Acknowledges the Charge and says he was persuaded to desert by one Corporal JULIAD belonging to the same Troop.

Captain Frederick DEIMAR in behalf of the Prisoner deposes, that he believes the Prisoner's Desertion, was occasioned by the Persuasion of Corporal JULIAD.

The Court having heard and Consider'd the Evidence in behalf of the Charge, as also the Prisoner's Defence, is of Opinion that the Prisoner John MARTIN is Guilty of the Charge brought against him in breach of the third Article of the Sixth Section of the Articles of War-- And do therefore Sentence him to receive Eight hundred Lashes in the usual Manner.

                                       John BREESE

Richard PORTER
   Ass: Dy. J. Advocate

                       Confirmed H CLINTON

Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office, Class 71, Volume 93, pages 208-209.

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