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Court of Enquiry Re: Edward Carr

Proceedings of a Court of Enquerie held by Order of the Commandant at fort Frederick Placentia Newfoundland October 15th 1782-

                 President Capn. Lt. WILKINSON Royal Artillery
Members            Lt. McDONALD    84th Regiment
                             Lt. HAWKINS              do


Mattrs. Edwd. CARR of Royal Regimt. Artilly. Confined by Order of the Commandant for Absenting himself from his post at Castle Graves three days without leave.


Corpl. John MORRIS of 84th Regimt. informs the Court that on Tuesday the 8th Inst. he gave the Prisoner Edwd. CARR leave of Absence for the space of 8 Hours but finding he did not Return According to leave Granted reported him the Proceeding day to the Commandant.

Capn. WILKINSON informs the Court that in consideration of the Corporal report to him order'd a Non Commissd. Officer and a Party to go in serch of Edwd. CARR who they found at Little Placentia and secured him there, but on his rout to this post he the prisoner made his Escape from the party.


Prisoner Edwd. CARR being put on his defence says he with leave from Corpl. MORRIS went to little Placentia where he got in Liquor which prevented his return to his post According to Orders given him, that as soon as he got sober he returned to his post.

Abr. DAY of 84th Regimt. informs the Court that this morning he went in serch of the Prisoner who he found between this post and Little Placentia then coming on his way home, and Apparently Sober.

The Prisoner having Call'd upon Lt. HAWKINS for a Caractor informs the Court, that he is sorry to say that it is such as was rather a dishonor to the Corps he belongs then otherwise.

The Prisoner CARR having Call'd upon Sergt. Joseph ORANGE of 84th Regt. for a Character says that when Sober he is a well disposed man, but that he is a man much adicted to Liquor.

Corpl. James McPHEE of sd. Corps being Call'd upon by the Prisoner for a Character says he was 5 months under his Command at Castle Graves that during that time but once, he behaved as becometh a Soldier.

Sergt. CUMINS of sd. Corps informs the Court that the Prisoner CARR is a man much adicted to Liquor but when sober a well behaved man.

The Court are of Opinion the Prisoner is Guilty of a breach of the 2d Article of the 14th Section and of the 3rd Article of the 2Oth Section of the Articles of War, and in Consequence of which that the Prisoner should receive 200 Laches in the usual Manner.

     Edward WILKINSON Commandant

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 194, Volume 35, pages 177-178.

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