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Quarter Master General's Department
Clerks, Storekeepers, &c.

Return of Clerks, Storekeeper, Waggon Masters, Conductors, Artificers, Boatmen & Labourers employed in the Quarter Master Generals Department in South Carolina 1st June 1780

Mens Names Quality Wages per day
Henry McGRIGGOR Waggon Master 7/. Stg.
Laurence FEGAN do 7/.
Robert KNOX Clerk 4/8
Patrick BYRNE do 7/.
John CLISBEY Storekeeper 7/.
John STEWARTSON Conductor 5/10
Joseph BECK do 2/11
William JOHNSTON do 4/8
James WELSH do 2/11
John HANNESEY do 2/11
Thomas CHESHIRE do 2/11
Robert LAITHWAITE do 4/8
Robert MOORE do 2/11
Peter CARNEY do 2/11
George CULQUHOUN do 4/8
James McDONALD do 2/11
Richard WRENCH do 4/8
John KINCAID do 4/8
William BRADLEY do 2/11
William BOND do 2/11
John JONES do 2/11
John ASH do 2/11
Daniel DELANEY do 2/11
Maurice SALT Mr. Ship Carpenter 9/4
John DIXON Ship Carpenter 7/
John DALLEY do 7/
Solomon GEDNEY do 7/
Isaac GEDNEY do 7/
Elijah CARD do 7/
William BAKER do 7/
William BABINGTON do 7/
James NORTON do 3/11
Samuel DUBOIS do 3/11
William DUBOIS do 3/11
Thomas HOOD do 3/11
William WESTWOOD do 3/11
William FERRIS do 3/11
Wamuck PACKET do 3/11
William EVANS Master Carpenter 4/8
Nathaniel COULSON Carpenter 3/11
Jacob BYERS do 3/11
William CASEY do 3/11
William CALDWELL do 3/11
Isaac YOUNG do 3/11
Charles MAXWELL do 3/11
Isaac YOUNG, Junr. do 3/11
Simon WAINWRIGHT do 3/11
Simon MOULTRIE do 3/11
Henry WAIT do 3/11
John MURPHY do 3/11
James HUTCHINSON do 3/11
Angus CAMERON do 3/11
Stephen JACKSON do 3/11
John IRIS do 3/11
John HARDING do 3/11
Elijah CRUMB do 3/11
Israel EVANS Master Blacksmith 4/8
John ROOFE Blacksmith 3/11
John HENRY do 3/11
Richard DICKEY do 3/11
Henry GRAY do 3/11
Hugh MULLAN do 3/11
Thomas OLIVER Farrier 3/11
Alexander HANNA Collarmaker 4/8
John BAILEY do 3/11
Hugh GORDON do 3/11
John CAMPBELL do 3/11
Martin MALLOWNEY Batteauxman 2/4
John BURNS do 2/4
John HART do 2/4
John LYON do 2/4
Alexander BLUE do 2/4
Mathew REEDING do 2/4
Thomas TAYLOR do 2/4
David BAILEY do 2/4
William BARTON do 2/4
John EASHAW do 2/4
Gosport PILOT do 2/4
Charles GRANT do 2/4
Richard MATHEWS do 2/4
Benjamin BRANTLEY do 2/4
Alexander McFARLANE do 2/4
John STORE do 2/4
Seventy two Negroes do 1/. 1/4
Sixty Nine Ditto Labourers 1/. 1/4

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 102, item 47.

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