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South Carolina Militia
William Cunningham's Troop


No. 138 Major William CUNNINGHAM’s Troop of mounted Militia

We the subscribers Officers & Privates of Major William CUNNINGHAM’s Troop of mounted Militia, have received in Charles Town by order of Lt. General LESLIE, of Robert GRAY P.M.M. the Sums annexed to our respective Names in the right hand Colum below upon the Dates prefixed thereto, having also signed a duplicate hereof the same for 92 days pay from the 8th of April to the 8th of July inclusive as per Abstract No. 138.

Dates Names & Ranks Days Subscriber’s Names
1782 1 Major
June 28 William CUNNINGHAM   92 Wm. CUNNINGHAM
1 Captain
         " John HOOD    " John HOOD
1 Lieutenant
         " Joshua NUNN    " Joshua NUNN Lieutenant
1 Ensign
         " George MADDEN    " George MADDEN En.
2 Serjeants
         " Lewis BANTON    " Lewis BANTON
        29 James DORMANT    " James DIARMENT
40 Privates
         " Jacob ADAMS    " B For J.A.
         " Jonathon CUD    " B For J.C.
  Joshua NUNN Lft.
June 28 Harman CRUM    " Harmon CRUM
         “ John CRADDOCK    “ John CRADDOCK
         “ Bartholomew CRADDOCK    “ Bartholomew x CRADDOCK
         “ John CRUM    “ John x CRUM
         “ John DURRA    “ John x DURRA for 61 days to 7
June 28 William DREW    “ William x DREW
         “ Amos DONOLLY    “ Amos x DONOLLY
         “ John HASSEL    “ John x HASSEL
         “ Matthew HAWKINS    “ Mathew x HAWKINS
        29 Mica: HENDRICK    “ B For M.H.
  Winn. x HENDRICK
        28 Win. HENDRICK    “ Winn. x HENDRICK
        29 Ralph HUGHS    “ B For R.H.
  Thomas x HUGHS
         “ John HUGHS    “ John HUGHS
William HELMS    “ See addition below
June 28 Thomas HUGHS    " Thomas x HUGHS
        29 Bunch JOHNSTON    “ B For B.J.
  William PARKER
June 28 Isaac LANG    “ Isaac x LANG
Richard LANG    “ See Addition below
William LARGENT    " William x LARGENT
Matthew LOVE    “ Matthew LOVE
Thomas MANN    “ Thos. x MANN for 79 days to
   26 of June
Michael MELTON    “ Michael MILTON
Thomas McDALE    “ Thomas x McDOWEL
June 29 Daniel Muffet    “ B For D.M.
Octr.   2 Timothy NIBLET    “ Timothy x NIBLETT
[June] 28 Caleb POWELL    “ Calib POWEL
William PARKER    “ See Addition below
July  23 John SILCOCK    “ John x SILCOCK
June 28 William SMITH    “ William x SMITH
        29 James SMITH    “ James x SMITH
        28 George SPILLARS    “ George SPILLER
         “ Nicholas THORN    “ Nicholas ZORN
         “ Richard TURNER    “ Richd. TURNER
July    1 Joseph UNDERWOOD    “ Joseph UNDERWOOD
June 29 Wittenhall WARNER    “ Wettenhall WARNER
        28 Martin WILLARD    “ Martin WILLARD
         “ Thomas WOOD    “ Thomas x WOOD
         “ Philip YOUNG    “ Philip x YOUNG
A DURRA having enlisted in the regular
dragoons on the 8 June is here paid only
to that day. Thomas MAN enlisted Do. 26
June.  [signed]  Robert GRAY
B per Order

   Truly made out from Abstract No. 138 but in this
the Names are inserted Alphabetically.

Robert GRAY P M M

Additions by Order of the General, Second Captains Vizt.

July  23 William HELMS   92 Wm. HELLMS
June 29 Richard LANG    " Richd. LANG Capt.
         “ William PARKER    " William PARKER

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class 50, Volume 1, folio 11.

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