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Loyalist Muster Rolls
North Carolina Volunteers

In the summer of 1780, with the initial pacification of South Carolina under way by the British, many Loyalists in North Carolina saw their chance at last of joining the army.

Disregarding the appeals of Lord CORNWALLIS to wait quietly at home until his army arrived, hundreds of men rose up and marched to join him.

While unsuccessful to some degree, several hundred did make it to South Carolina safely and were embodied into this corps, under the command of Colonel Samuel BRYAN. This unit became the North Carolina Volunteers.

It is important not to confuse this corps with the Royal North Carolina Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John HAMILTON, which often was loosely referred to as the North Carolina Volunteers.

There are but two rolls of men for the North Carolina Volunteers, and those are but the men who were taken prisoner at Yorktown in 1781. The majority of the unit remained in South Carolina and seems to have been disbanded there by 1782.

The two rolls are in the National Archives of Canada, Ward Chipman Papers, MG 23, Volume 27.

For additional information on this unit, please see the Regimental History of the North Carolina Volunteers.

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North Carolina Volunteers Muster Rolls

     Bullet  Captain Hunter's Company, 24 April 1782

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