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Loyalist Muster Rolls
Loyal New Englanders

This was one of two Provincial units raised at Newport, the other being the short-lived Loyal Rhode Islanders.

Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George WIGHTMAN, the corps was raised in 1777 and served in Rhode Island until the evacuation of that place in October of 1779.

Afterwards it became a part of the garrison at Lloyd’s Neck, Long Island until it was drafted in 1781.

No muster rolls have ever been located for units serving at Rhode Island, other than one for the Black Pioneers in 1777.

This is most unfortunate, as it leaves a major gap in the histories of this unit as well as the King’s American Regiment and the Prince of Wales American Volunteers.

We are fortunate in that this first muster at Lloyd’s Neck appears to list all the casualties of the regiment from the time of its forming. That is a presumption though, given there is nothing earlier to judge against.

After this muster the corps was reduced to one company.

The few muster rolls that exist all reside in the National Archives of Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1892. The last is dated 4 March 1781.

Refer to our section on drafted regiments to see where the men were placed afterwards and to the Regimental History of the Loyal New Englanders to read more about this unit's service.

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Loyal New Englanders Muster Rolls

     Bullet  Captain William Clark's Company, 27 December 1779

     Bullet  Captain Zebedee Terry's Company, 27 December 1779

     Bullet  Captain Samuel Wilson's Company, 27 December 1779

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