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Loyalist Muster Rolls
Loyal American Regiment

As is the case with most regiments that garrisoned the New York City area, the rolls for this corps are fairly complete, at least for the time they remained in garrison.

Raised in the spring of 1777, the rolls start in August of 1777, leaving the earliest raising of the unit a mystery. There is a bit of a gap for mid-1779, a period which saw the Loyal Americans taking part in the Verplank-Stony Point campaign up the Hudson.

The rolls remain pretty complete up until October of 1780. Shortly thereafter the regiment was a part of the Virginia Campaign under Benedict Arnold.

For the 6+ months the unit was in Virginia either no rolls were taken or none have survived. This is unfortunate as the regiment suffered many casualties, only a few of which were recorded in the next muster, taken back at New York in June of 1781.

From that time until the end of the war the rolls are as intact as any other unitís.

The muster presented here is the first after the corps removed to Long Island in 1783, where they joined most of the other Provincial regiments awaiting the final end of the war.

The majority of the rolls for the Loyal American Regiment may be found in the National Archives of Canada, RG 8, ďCĒ Series, Volumes 1867, 1868, 1869 & 1870. A very early roll may also be found in the NACís Ward Chipman Papers, MG 23, Volume 30.

Oddly, two rolls for April of 1779 can be found in rather obscure places- one in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and one in the Maine Historical Society.

Pay abstracts for 1783 can also be found in the Headquarters Papers, PRO 30/55 in the Public Record Office.

For additional information on this regiment please see the Regimental History of the Loyal American Regiment.

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Loyal American Regiment Muster Rolls

     Bullet  Captain William Bailey's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Major Thomas Barclay's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Captain Caleb Fowler's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Captain William Fowler's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Captain Christopher Hatch's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Captain Simon Kollock's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Colonel Beverly Robinson's Company, 16 January 1783

     Bullet  Lieut. Colonel Beverly Robinson's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Captain Morris Robinson's Company, 20 January 1783

     Bullet  Captain Lemuel Wilmot's Company, 20 January 1783

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