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Emmerick's Chasseurs
Ogden's Troop

Muster Roll of a Troop of Dragoons in his Majesty’s Corps of Chasseurs Under the Command of Lieut. Colonel A EMMERICK                                          October 24th, 1778

Captain Benjamin OGDEN
Lieutenant James HEUSTICE
Cornet Thomas MERRITT
Qr. Master Samuel BROWN
Sgt Gershum HILYARD   1 May 1778
Sgt Robert CROOKER      Do
Trumpeter John McLEAN   1 July 1778
Cpl Thomas BIRD   1 May 1778
Cpl Isaac AKERLY   4 Do
Cpl Shorbal MERRITT 24 Do Disabled by the loss of an arm
Cpl Joshua TAYLOR 23 June 1778
John BASELY   1 May 1778
Gilbert DICKENSON      Do Lame
John RULL 13 Do
Benjamin GOLDEN      Do Sick Absent
Nehemiah MARSHAL 19 Do
David LYON 23 Do Prisoner 14 October 1778
Jacob VAN TASSEL 24 Do
Abraham BRUNDIGE   2 Do Sick in Quarters
William AKERLY 26 Do
John AMBLER   1 June 1778
Caleb GRIFFEN   6 Do
Robert LONG   9 Do
Reuben AKERLY   6 May 1778
Philip HUNT 10 Do
Jesse PURDY   4 Do
Gilbert LOUNSBERRY 10 Do
Jacob CHAPPEL   3 Do
Abm. AKERLY 26 Do
Gilbert DEAN 24 June 1778 Transferred
Stephen SMITH   4 May 1778
Charles JUSTICE 24 June 1778
William McCARTEY   3 July 1778
Robert COLLINS 17 Do
Gosper LESLIE 15 June 1778
Godfrey FIEHR      Do
Richard ROGERS 30 June 1778
Jacob NEASTON 24 Do
Godfrey LOIDIG      Do
James TRAVIS   4 May 1778
Shoibal KNIFFEN   1 Octr. 1778 Recruit
Jonathon ASTIN      Do Do
John BROWN 10 Do Do
Peter MAZINI      Do Do
William BAKER 16 Do Do    Furlow-  one day
David CARNEGIE Esqr. 28 May 1778 Recruiting
Jeremiah HEMSTEAD 15 June 1778 Do
Isaac VOLUNTINE   1 Do Do
Jacob VOLUNTINE      Do Do
James SEAMANS   1 May 1778 Discharged
Thomas BRIGGS 14 Do Deserted 24 June 1778
Stephen SHERWOOD 19 June 1778 Do               Do
Manuel EDWARDS 15 Do Do           30 Do

National Archives of Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1891.

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