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Emmerick's Chasseurs
Muirson's Troop

Muster Roll of Capt. Sylvester MUIRSONs Troop of Lt. Dragoons Commanded by Lieut. Col. EMMERICK       October 24th, 1778

Captain Sylvester MUIRSON
Lieut. Benjamin Woolsey MUIRSON
Cornet Benjamin Muirson WOOLSEY
Qr. Master Matthew MALLET 14 June 1778 Kill’d by Rebels
Sgt Able MALLET      Do
Sgt John CRAWFORD      Do Wounded in Hospital
Trumpeter Samuel LAWRENCE      Do
Cpl John STALKER      Do Sick in Hospital
Cpl John MERRIT      Do
Cpl Amos TOWNSEND      Do
David WATKINS      Do Drowned 5 August
John WILLIAMSON 18 June 1778
Samuel GIBBS      Do
Esbon WAKELY      Do
Willet LATTIN      Do
John McKINSIE 20 Do
Samuel COPPIN      Do
Patt CHATTEN      Do Absent with leave b-l-m-  supposed to be press’d on bd. man of war
George THOMPSON 24 July 1778
Stephen TERRIL      Do
David WASHBURN      Do
Jeremy ROGERS      Do Recruiting in New York
John HALL      Do
John FOSTER      Do Sick in Hospital
Thomas WILSON 1 August 1778
George HURST      Do
John Archer HEYRS      Do
John ESDALE      Do
Joseph LAIN      Do Absent with leave-  never joined
Richard JAQUES      Do
John OSBURN      Do Sick on Long Island-  never joined
Enos BARDSLEY      Do Do         Do
Thomas HOBBS 25 Do
Henry BRYAN 26 Do
Jacob PERSONS      Do
William FIRTH      Do
James KEEN      Do
Boamon SMITH Absent by Leave
Volunteer John WOOLSEY      Do
Volunteer Absa BROWN      Do
Volunteer Samuel GLOVER      Do
Volunteer Stephen HERD      Do

National Archives of Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1891.

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