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Emmerick's Chasseurs
Althouse's Coy.

Muster Roll of Captain ALTHOUSE's Company of Rifle Men in His Majesty's Batalion of Chasseurs Commanded by Lieut. Colo. A EMMERICK
                                          Kingsbridge 24th October 1778

Captain John ALTHOUSE
Lieutenant Benjamin HUNT
Sgt John COOK
Sgt William ROOKER
Sgt Daniel McNILL
Drummer Nathl. HUSTIN May 2, 1778
Drummer Andw. GIDDIN  Do 11,  Do Transferred to Capt. HOOKs Compy. 24th October 1778
Cpl Zephinia PARR
Cpl Michael BRADLY Transferred to Capt. HOOK’s Compy 24 Octr
Cpl Thos. McMULLIN
Thomas BROOKS Absent without leave
James SMITH   8 Jan. 1778
John PARR   4 Feb.  Do
Nathaniel TURNER
Thomas OWENS 17 June 1778
William DEARS 28 Apl.   Do Absent by leave of Col. EMMERICK
Edward VERMILIAR 14 Feb. 1778
William SHIPPIN 24 July 1778
James McEWEN
Jeremiah McCARTY
Gabrial BURDY 17 May 1778
Martin ARSTIN   3 Feby. Do Returned from Desertion 20 Sept. 1778
Solomon MANNERY Prisoner Exchanged
Benjamin LEFORGE Junr. 12 May 1778
Silvanius TRAVIS   2 Apl. 1778
Alexander FRENCH
Benjamin STIVERS 27 July 1778
John SHOEMAKER 25 Apl.   Do
Michael RYAN 24 Feb.  Do
Abraham STORMS   3 Do     Do Returned from Desertion 14 Sept. 1778
Thomas LANE 22 June 1778 Transferred to Capt. HOOK’s Coy 24 Oct
Benj. LEFORGE Senr.   4 Feby. Do
John DUNNAVAN Exchanged Prisoner
Peter WOOD 24 Apl. 1778 Recruiting New York
William HURLY 14 Sept. 1778 Recruit
Christopher SMITH Genl. Hospital-  Dead
John MURPHY 22 June 1778 Died 5 September 1778
John LOGAN       Do Do  17         Do
William CHARLY Prisoner 3 January 1778
Collins CHAPMAN Do                  Do
John ROWE Do                  Do
William HOOK Do                  Do
John COOK Do                  Do
John BARR Do                  Do
Jacob WOOLEY   4 Feb. 1778
Zacharia CHRISTIAN 22 Mar.  Do Deserted
Cornelius GILBERT 26 Feb.  Do Do
Samuel HORNBECK 17 June  Do Do
Frederick DEVORE   3 Feb.  Do Do

National Archives of Canada, RG 8, “C” Series, Volume 1891.

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