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Queen's Loyal Rangers Effective Roll 1 May 1781

Effective Roll of the Corps of Royalists Commanded by John Peters Esqr

1st May 1781

Captain John Peters Esqr. at Quebec by leave
Captain Justus Sherwood Esqr. On duty at St. Johns
Captain Zadock Wright Esqr. Prisoner with the Rebels
Captain Franciss Hogle Esqr.
Lieutenant James Parrot
Lieutenant John Dulmage
Lieutenant Phylo Hullibert
Lieutenant Gershom French Engineers employ
Lieutenant Titus Simmons
Lieutenant David McFall at Quebec
Ensign John Peters, Junr.
Sgt Jonathan Fulford on Secret Service
Sgt Elihu Northrop In the Engineers employ
Sgt John Hard On duty at St. Johns
Sgt John Beach
Sgt David Williams In the Engineers Employ
Sgt Duncan McGregor Nouville Beauce
Cpl Samuel Smith In the Engineers Employ
Cpl John Brooks do
Cpl Robert Perry do
Cpl David Crowfoot On Comd. at St. Johns
Cpl Oliver Sweet do
Cpl Henry French
Drummer Elisha Mallory at St. Johns
James Hard In the Engineers employ
Elkemy Bobbit do
Daniel Colton do
Peter Beebe do
Thomas Gates do
Uriah Curtis do
William Reynolds do
Ezra Northrop do
William Willoughby do
Daniel Scott do
Timothy Hill do
Shadrach Ball do
Benajah Benedict do
Franciss Reading do
John Curtis do
Seth Cook do
Samuel Brunson do
Jonathan Wickwire do
Enoch Mallory do
Andrew French do
Jeremiah Fraser In the Engineers employ
Isaac Hubbil do
Cornelius Lith do
John Oaks do
Jonathan Johnson do
William Farris do
Nathan Brown do
James Flannagan do
Barney Bell do
George Whiteman Command at St. Johns
Ichabut Hawley On Command at Yamaska
Adam Vent do
Joseph Luzong do
Benjamin Reynolds do
Adam Cole do
Peter Hogil do
Anthony Phillips do
James Whitney do
Moses Livermore do
Samuel Reid do
John Fitzgerald do
Solomon Baal Carleton Island
Adonijah Gillis do
Ephraim Airs Prisoner with the Rebels
Peter Montgomery Secret Service
Cornelius Oakiff Marines on the Lakes
Cornelius Mills do
Jacob Waldrat do
William Parker do
John Knaves do
Michael Whalin do
John Halmoil do
Lewis Mosher Machiche by leave
Elisha Hard do
Daniel Walker On Secret Service
Philip Switzer
Barnabas Hough On Commd. at St. Johns
Bruin Hough do
William Ormsburry do
Joseph Seely do
Justus Seely do
Henry Redkar do
Caleb Henderson do
Elijah Benedick do
Levi Warner do
Volunteer Elijah Bottom do
Volunteer Andrew Petters On Commd. at St. Johns
Volunteer John Hogil
Volunteer William Smith
Volunteer George Hogle
Volunteer Samuel Sherwood On Commd. at St. Johns
Volunteer Benjamin Davis On Secret Service
John Jackson Commd. at St. Johns
Abram Coons Sick Montreal
Garrit Miller discharged
John Wright
Peter Foster
John Buttler
John McMaugh
James Adams
James Gavin Sick in Quarters
Phylo Hard

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21,827, folio 278.

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