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Loyalist Muster Rolls
4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers

The rolls for this battalion start in November of 1777, somewhat later than those that exist for other regiments stationed in the New York district. The unit had been raised exactly a year before, and there is little doubt a number of officers and men passed into and out of it before these rolls start.

The period of the rolls presented here, January of 1778, shows the battalion still with ten companies, but it would be reduced to half that number three months later. An epidemic of smallpox just after this month took the lives of about forty of the men shown here.

The muster rolls can be found almost entirely in the National Archives of Canada, RG 8, C Series, Volumes 1856, 1858 & 1859. This includes the rolls for the battalion after it was renumbered as Third on 24 July 1781.

Some pay abstracts for the battalion can also be found in the New Jersey State Archives, Department of Defense Manuscripts. One muster roll can also be found in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, and one other in the Chipman Papers at the NAC.

For additional information on this regiment please see the Regimental History of the New Jersey Volunteers.

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New Jersey Volunteers Muster Rolls

4th Battalion

     Bullet  Captain Daniel Bessonett's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Major D. Isaac Browne's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Buskirk's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Captain Patrick Campbell's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Captain Samuel Hayden's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Captain Arthur Maddox's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Captain Peter Ruttan's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Captain Samuel Ryerson's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Major Robert Timpany's Company, January 1778

     Bullet  Captain William Van Allen's Company, January 1778

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