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Loyalist Muster Rolls
3rd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers

(Please note that this covers the battalion commanded by Lieutenant Colonels Edward Vaughan DONGEN and Isaac ALLEN from 1776-1783. For information concerning the 3rd battalion commanded by Abraham VAN BUSKIRK at the end of the war, please see the 4th battalion.)

Rolls for this battalion, as is the case with some of the other New Jersey Volunteers, start in November of 1777. The battalion was raised in November of 1776 but no rolls exist until a year later.

On the restructuring of April, 1778, the 3rd and 6th battalions were merged together to form a “new” 3rd battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Isaac ALLEN. The original commander of the 3rd battalion, Edward Vaughan DONGEN, had been mortally wounded at the head of his unit on Staten Island during Sullivan’s Raid of August, 1777.

One new company was likewise raised at this time period, commanded by Captain Patrick CAMPBELL, formerly of the 4th battalion.

Two companies were added towards the end of the year with the drafting of the West Jersey Volunteers. These companies, commanded by Captains COZENS and HUNLOKE, had been raised at Philadelphia and Billingsport earlier that year.

In July of 1781, the 2nd battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John MORRIS, was drafted into the 1st and 4th battalions at New York. The 3rd battalion, serving at that time in South Carolina, was unaffected by this except that its number was changed from third to second. As the 2nd battalion, it would serve for the remainder of the war.

Muster rolls for the 3rd battalion are less complete than for any other battalion of New Jersey Volunteers.

The battalion served in Georgia from December of 1778 to July of 1780, but there is but one muster for them during that entire period. While in South Carolina from August of 1780 until December of 1782, there are only four musters: three in 1781 and one in 1782. Upon their return to New York in January of 1783, the rolls are fairly complete.

Rolls are once again primarily located at the National Archives of Canada, in the RG 8, “C” Series. They can be found in volumes 1855 & 1856. The muster while in Georgia is likewise at the NAC, but in the Ward Chipman Papers, MG 23, D 1, Series I, Volume 26.

There are a few other scattered rolls around, particularly in the Papers of the Continental Congress, and abstracts at the New Jersey State Archives and in the British Headquarters Papers at the Public Record Office.

Call Rolls for November of 1777 can be found in the Sir Henry Clinton Papers, University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library.

Some soldiers of the Volunteers of Ireland were drafted into this battalion of New Jersey Volunteers at Charlestown late in 1782, so you may wish to consult their rolls as well for soldiers suddenly appearing at that time.

For additional information on this regiment please see the Regimental History of the New Jersey Volunteers.

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New Jersey Volunteers Muster Rolls

3rd Battalion

     Bullet  Lieut. Colonel Allen's Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Captain John Barbarie's Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Captain Peter Campbell's Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Captain Daniel Cozens' Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Major Robert Drummond's Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Captain Thomas Hunloke's Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Captain Joseph Lee's Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Captain Charles Harrison's Company, 23 February 1781

     Bullet  Captain Bartholomew Thatcher's Company, 23 February 1781

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