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Loyalist Muster Rolls
2nd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers

The muster rolls presented here show the 2nd Battalion as it appeared upon its return to New York City from Philadelphia.

In April of 1777 the battalion was attached to the Royal Artillery in an effort to provide additional gunners for the British. While this was meant as a mark of honor for the unit, it had the effect of breaking it up into many small detachments, scattered around the defenses and fortifications of the British lines and attached to different infantry brigades.

Since the men were mostly sent off in detachments of four or six men, their officers did not accompany them, and consequently spent much idle time in New York City.

The battalion would return to being an infantry unit in November of 1779. As an under-strength unit, it was drafted into the 1st & 4th Battalions of New Jersey Volunteers in July of 1781.

For additional information on this regiment please see the Regimental History of the New Jersey Volunteers.

The rolls, with the exception of one or two, are located in the National Archives of Canada, RG 8, C Series, Volumes 1854 & 1855.

Although the battalion was raised no later than November of 1776, the rolls do not start before December of 1777. After the regiment returned to New York in July of 1778, they are mostly complete through the time of the drafting.

There are also a number of pay abstracts of the battalion, and a small muster roll, in the New Jersey State Archives.

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New Jersey Volunteers Muster Rolls

2nd Battalion

     Bullet  Major John Antill's Company, July 1778

     Bullet  Captain Donald Campbell's Company, July 1778

     Bullet  Major John Colden's Company, July 1778

     Bullet  Captain Cornelius McCleese's Company, July 1778

     Bullet  Captain Norman McLeod's Company, July 1778

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